TW Side Light Series


Plastics Optic Fiber Light Pipes : POFLPS
Optic fibre consists of a solid core and cladding. The solid core is made from a specialized elastomeric material, while the cladding is made froma flourine polymer. POFLPS are easy to wiring, as they have excellent felxibility and simplicity of the end surface treatment.

Specification: outer jacket- fluorine polymer, Solid core- high polymer, Color- White
Bend radius: 5~8 times of cable diameter
Appearance as light emitting: side glow
Ambient temperature: -45℃~90℃
Physical properties: Light is transmitted over the entire length of the cable without electricity or heat with the illuminators placed at both ends of flexible plastic fibers. It's suggested that using a maximum of 2 meters to ensure quality lighting and optimum performance.


TW attenuation line chart (the example of 5mm diameter)

The comparison of TS、TSS&TPS、TW attenuation


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